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Dressage Finder is all about meeting our clients' needs.  We are always updating our services and love to hear from you on an individual basis.  The more we know and understand our clients the better we can help.  Finding your equine partner is a journey and getting to know you and your lifestyle and goals makes our job fun and a pleasure and the reason we have enjoyed doing this for so many years.  A highlight and funny story was selling a horse to Ringo Starr's wife Barbara Bach and Barbara telling Ringo “Honestly, this is the last horse I'm buying” and Ringo saying “I’ve heard that before “. 


Whatever your journey is, whether it's buying your first or last horse. We are here to help you on that journey. We strive to maintain a variety of ages and levels of our own horses for your viewing.  If we do not currently have available your perfect match, please call us.  We have new horses arriving often and also have connections all over America and Europe with reliable professionals and we would love to hear from you!


  • We will only take you to see horses that we know well, have a current vet history and are what you are looking for.  Your time is valuable, and we appreciate that!  

  • Spending time looking at horses with undisclosed training problems, poor physical history and a sitting trot that would shake the devils' teeth is not what we want to go see.

  • Organized buying trips to Europe, including previewing possible matches thru video and X-rays before making a trip.

  • We sell great horses, sometimes circumstance or riding goals change, we are happy to rematch a horse that came from dressage finder and do our best to keep those costs reasonable.

  • Do you have a horse to sell?   perhaps we can work with your horse in a trade or partial trade.   upon evaluation we may also be able to present your horse while we find him or her a new match. 

  • Selling your horse can be nerve-wrecking, we take care of every horse like he or she is our own. Again, honesty and integrity are foremost in the care, training and presentation of your horse.

  • Dressage finder uses the best farriers and vet, all records are available for viewing.



  • We ride in CUSTOM SADDLERY saddles; Creator is Lisa's ex-husband and Eva's father.

Lisa Wallace developed the Dressage Sport Boot  DSB Line over 20 years ago. 

"As an active dressage trainer, I was always looking for a boot that protected my horses legs, is easy to care for, and could be put on my horses by me or anyone else in an uncomplicated fashion. Thru trial and error with a variety of materials, the DSB we have all come to know and love was born!  Thru-out the years the line has expanded and now includes the fun Glossy Dressage Sport Boots - Line as well as ASB's (without fleece)  and DSB2 for maximum protection. "

After many requests from loyal DSB fans, Lisa took to heart the need for a bell boot that would protect, as well as stay closed.    I know how hard all of you work to achieve your goals and I hope having a stylish and functional product for your equine partner makes your day at the barn even more enjoyable.  I very much appreciate any ideas you have for new colors or improvements we can make so feel free to contact me. 


To order or for more information, please click here DRESSAGESPORTBOOT.

'So many options, so little time...'

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