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About Us

Creating Harmonious Equine Partnerships

Let Lisa help find your perfect equine partner in dressage.  Whether you’re looking for a lower-level schoolmaster to learn the basics on or a quality young prospect to train up the levels or even a top international competitor, Lisa has years of success finding the perfect match!

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Lisa Wallace

 U.S.D.F.  Bronze, Silver, and Gold medalist CAN AM Team Member,

successful Small Tour and Grand Prix C.D.I. competitor,

and trainer of winning juniors, young riders, adult amateurs and professionals.

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Our Story

Dressage Finder was created over 30 years ago by Lisa Wallace. As an active professional trainer, judge and competitor, Lisa was always searching for horses for herself and students.  Lisas first trip to Europe resulted in great success and soon Lisa was traveling 6 or more times a year to Europe for herself and clients, also bringing back horses that she could train and present for sale.


Over the years Lisa developed a following of repeat customers and satisfied clients that trust her honest and thorough evaluation of the horses she represents. Today Lisa continues to offer a variety of dressage hoses for sale.  Her niche market is the adult amateur, but she has also found winning young rider horses and horses that went to international riders. Lisa continues to always put the needs of her clients first!


Meet The Team

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